Orchestral manoeuvres with drum and bass

Charles Hazlewood and Squarepusher

Messiaen, Ligeti and Squarepusher’s electronic music in a perfect symphony at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls last week. Messiaen and Ligeti programmed alongside Tom Jenksinson’s electronic dance music revealed links and crossovers that thrilled its audience,and a tour is in planning…

Some of the tweets…

Squarepusher and Charles Hazlewood just tore Croydon at FairfieldHalls: a new Space time continuum tonight.

Kickass concert in Croydon @_SQUAREPUSHER & @Charleshazlewood Classical/Electronic dance. Blew me away!!!

Relentless drum’n’bass meets an orchestra…in Croydon?! Thank you @_SQUAREPUSHER and @charleshazlewood. Amazing.

Absolutely brilliant performance from legends @CharlieHazlewoo @squarepusher @southbanksinf

Thank you @CharlieHazlewoo, @_SQUAREPUSHER, @southbanksinf, you’ve blown Croydon’s minds #listentothis