Glastonbury 2017


A Symphonic Rollercoaster Ride Through The Greatest Videogame Music with Charles Hazlewood and the Army Of Generals featuring members of the British Paraorchestra.

Following on from their astonishing headline performance on the park stage at Glastonbury 2016, Charles Hazlewood and his orchestra are back! Whether you’re an 8-bit wizard full of fond memories of Commodore 64 or perhaps Halo is more your thing, you may even have a secret nostalgia for Sonic The Hedgehog or Wing Commander whatever it is, this gig will be like nothing else you will witness at Glastonbury Festival this year. A turbo-charged symphony orchestra bringing some of the greatest symphonic video game music to life in front of you.

From Assassin’s Creed to Amiga via Final Fantasy 9, prepare for warp speed! Headlining the Williams Green stage 7:30PM Friday night.