The Tin Drum

The Tin Drum Illustration

The Tin Drum

Based on the novel by Gunter Grass

Written by Carl Grose
Music by Charles Hazlewood
Directed by Mike Shepherd
Illustration by Daryl Waller


“I am light! I am life!
I gotta brain like a bomb and a tongue like a knife!
I am wrath! I am rage!
I gotta fully-formed mind for a kid of my age!”


On Oskar’s third birthday he rails against the adult world and decides to remain a child forever. Armed with a heart full of rage, a singing voice that shatters glass, and a seemingly indestructible tin drum, Oskar sets about to reveal the world for what it truly is.

However, the world has other plans for our hero…

The tide is turning. People are taking sides. And the shadow of the Black Witch draws ever closer.

Often hailed as one of the greatest novels ever written, Gunter Grass’ surreal post-war masterpiece has never been more prescient. Kneehigh will retell this extraordinary story of love, war and fizz powder as startling musical satire: part Baroque opera, part psychedelic white-out, part epic poem. A burlesque, a blitzkrieg, a tidal wave about to break.

Written by Carl Grose, composed by Charles Hazlewood and directed by Mike Shepherd – the team that brought you the internationally acclaimed Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs), The Tin Drum is a folktale for troubled times: one political, profane and profound.

Prepare to dance to the beat of a different drum!

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