The Tin Drum (Reviews)


“A shimmer of sound that ripples through the action.”

“Hazlewood’s marvellous music is crucial to the evening’s success. There is rarely silence or stillness on stage – this is almost an opera, sung by flexible, alluring, gender-deceiving voices. These songs have sometimes the insinuation of Kurt Weill, sometimes the roar and flounce of rock. And with lyrical fatalism the play begins and ends with a waltz. As if to say, we must cleave together, but history is always a loop.” 5/5 – The Guardian (Click here for the full review)

“The performances and the production are watertight; Charles Hazlewood’s soundtrack deserves a review of its own. In lesser hands, it could be grisly but Kneehigh carry it off with such confidence that the play never once feels on dubious ground.” 5/5 – What’s On Stage (Click here for the full review)

“What is this glorious, grotesque monster that the writer Carl Grose, the director Mike Shepherd and the composer Charles Hazlewood have created?” 4/5 – The Times (Click Here for the full review)