Excellent Device!

Hazlewood describes this orchestra as the ‘cracksquad of British orchestral talent’. Excellent Device! has been with Hazlewood throughout his career; he formed the orchestra directly after college and made his London debut in St John Smith Square with it (under the name ‘Eos’).

Hand picked for their shared passion for making great music and reaching a new audience, each member of the orchestra is a virtuoso in their own right, including for example, the leader of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Clio Gould, and the artistic director of the Scottish Ensemble Jonathon Morton.

Excellent Device has played with Charles on many of his projects over the years including his festival Orchestira in a Field, and its preview festival ‘Play the Field’.

The name comes from a line spoken by the Second Murderer in Shakespeare’s Richard III, a part Hazlewood once played; what is an orchestra if not an “excellent device”?

Excellent Device!

Clio Gould and Jonathon Morton