Hazlewood has authored and conducted the music for several major series and many individual programmes for the BBC. He has had a regular presence on BBC radio 2 and 3 for many years, for which he has won 3 Sony awards for best music show on radio.

Music on television has been transformed by Charles Hazlewood’s charisma and analytical energy.
Sunday Times

Charles Hazlewood’s terrific music documentaries are among the many reasons to be grateful for BBC4
The Guardian

BBC TV’s pin-up conductor and Radio 3’s resident interpretative guru.
Daily Telegraph

TV Credits

  • 2002 Vivaldi Unmasked BBC1
  • 2003 Stripping Pop (with Badly Drawn Boy) BBC3
  • 2004 Genius of Mozart BBC2 3 x drama docs, BBC4 3 x workshops with orchestra
  • 2005 Genius of Beethoven BBC2 3 x drama docs, BBC4 3 x workshops with orchestra
  • 2007 Tchaikovsky BBC2 2 x drama docs, BBC4 2 x workshops with orchestra

  • 2007 Classical Star BBC2
  • 2009 The Birth of British Music BBC2 4 x docs BBC4 2 x workshops

  • 2007 How Pop Songs Work BBC4

  • 2011 Come Clog Dancing BBC4

    Charles initiates a flash clog dance in a busy Newcastle shopping centre reinvigorating this ancient and peculiarly British dance form.

  • 2011 Come Bell Ringing BBC4

    Charles conducts the bells of three different church towers in Oxford with stunning melodic results.

  • 2011 Scrapheap Orchestra BBC4

    Against the odds Charles assembles an orchestra made of scrap materials and conducts them performing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture at the Proms.

  • 2012 The Great British Paraorchestra C4

    This film charts the formation of Charles’ Paraorchestra, the world’s first ensemble for virtuoso musicians with a disability. It explores the power of music to bring people together and the musicians’ own relationship with music. Watch on 4OD

  • 2012 Total Permission

    A film about the Unlimited Festival of Disabled Arts for The Space. Watch online

Charles Hazlewood is a major proselytizing force in classical music. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious
The Guardian

Hazlewood is buoyant, vivacious and Tiggerishly enthusing…an unnatural amount of energy and reserves of invigorating sentimentality: a mixture of Lord Kitchener and a Thai massage parlour.
AA Gill, Sunday Times

Radio Credits

  • 2003-2010 Discovering Music BBC Radio 3
  • 2007-2011 The Charles Hazlewood Show – Five Series BBC Radio 2, scooping three Sony Awards
  • 2012 Made In Britain BBC Radio 2

Charles Hazlewood has managed to bring classical music to the masses without the use of low-cut tops, mediaeval costumes or silly hairstyles. His talents as a conductor are prolific but, as any fan of this multi-Sony-Award-winning series will know, his skills as an orator are just as effective. Evocative combinations of words tumble from his lips without the use of a script, as he seamlessly shapeshifts from classical to indie to folk. The atmosphere is ethereal hedonism. A work by Bach can segue into a song by Kate Bush before exploding into a piece of dubstep. Hazlewood loves all music and, thankfully, he is happy to share his enthusiasm.
Radio Times

How do The Prodigy connect to Bach? Charles Hazlewood offers a brilliantly nerdy dissection of iconic pop tracks and their musical cross-sections.

What do Mozart and Abba have in common? The answers are unveiled in this series from conductor Charles Hazlewood who has done so much to dissolve musical barriers.
Sunday Times

Birth of British music


Scrapheap Orchestra (photo: Richard Cannon)