Singing workshop


Either as a stand-alone or part of the keynote, this a singing workshop in which everyone’s voice is essential but the sum is greater than the parts. Most audiences having never sung before, are surprised to find themselves quickly creating a glorious choir singing in harmony. Music making is the ultimate team activity; an instant, and demonstrable experience of Charles’s key messages.

We feel very fortunate to have experienced the perspectives and talent of Charles Hazlewood at our recent servant leadership conference. He is a gifted conductor as well as an excellent communicator. Using music as his medium, Charles truly touched our audience with his message of organisational trust and the value of each person’s unique contribution. You know you’ve hit a home run when 100% of your audience — people from all over the world — come together and sing in four-part harmony under Charles’ direction.

If you want to inspire your employees to excellence as a team, bring Charles Hazlewood to address your next company gathering.
— Carol Malinski, The Servant Leadership Institute, Carlsbad CA

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