The British Bernstein
— The New York Sun
Normally when the speaker is wheeled in, it’s all very predictable and patronising.  However, Charles ran a 2 hour work shop that managed to get the group of over 20 global managers working together more positively - it was all we could talk about at dinner, evoking debate and conversation.
— Vanessa Lunt, Group PR + Events Director, Mulberry
Charles Hazlewood is a dazzling speaker and performer. He engages and excites his audiences, and they catch his energy and intelligence so that the room is more upbeat and uplifted when he finishes. We’re big fans.
— Julia Hobsbawm OBE, Founder, Names Not Numbers
Simply inspirational. It’s very rare for a presenter to have the ability to make an audience laugh and cry in the same talk. Very moving and thought provoking. He managed to make it relevant to everyone in the audience, whatever their roles in the organisation
— Dawn Haywood. Education Director. Windsor Academy Trust
Charles was one of the highlights of Google Zeitgeist in 2013, and we’ve booked him for several events since. He got us laughing, crying and singing, all in the same hour. He was inspiring, funny and moving. He ‘hid’ a small orchestra in the audience, and it was an utterly magical moment when they started to play and the attendees realised they were there! Charles is always open to new ideas and feedback. He is a pleasure to work with: an all-round great guy.
— Google Events
Delegates at the ICC Conference, June 2018

Delegates at the ICC Conference, June 2018

Charles gave an excellent presentation. We didn’t expect to be moved to tears.
— Bob Williams. Chief Executive. GCMA

Feedback from Charles’ address to the Federal Reserve Bank of America

It was a pleasure to work with you and get to know you. You provided the perfect launch to our conference! I thought I would send you a sample of the comments made by the participants following your performance”.

“Charles’ speaking style was lyrical; the mark of a genius…the way he thinks is shaped by his connection to music.”

”Charles is visionary—he saw something that no one else has ever seen (Para Orchestra) –he has changed the world.”

”Charles has a genuine passion; he transferred it to the musicians and to us.
— Martha Ackerman Associates
Thank-you so much for the most brilliant, entertaining and enlightening performance - it was absolutely a triumph and we loved having you there. Thank-you for putting so much energy and passion into your performance. The audience were delighted and I for one was very impressed with their singing- hidden talents! Well done indeed for getting such a buttoned up group to let loose. Thank-you making the whole evening such a huge success.
— Rosie Boycott. 5x15
To describe what the Inspiring Leadership conference is all about I usually explain that it makes delegates laugh, cry and think deeply about what, how and why they do what they do.  You managed to do all three.
Our audience is both conference savvy and battle hardened – standing ovations are rare – I can recall just 4 in the past 14 years.

Need I say more!
— Steve Elliott, Director. Blackberry Productions Limited