A bespoke performance

These themes are not presented in a one-size fits all presentation. As a consummate performer Charles will happily curate a bespoke performance for an event. For example, at a conference in South Africa for delegates from 42 countries, he gave a talk, then formed a choir of the delegates, and lead a improvised and after dinner dance/sing along which included all the delegates and a visiting children’s band and local choir masters. His TED talk features musicians popping up the audience and taking the stage and Charles can 'riff' on almost any subject presented to him and relate it to music (see videos below) . All clients are offered a skype consultation to enable a bespoke design.

Music as a metaphor not just for better leadership, but leading change in the business/social environment 3

Charles presentation differs from that of other conductors, in that it is not just a demonstration of good leadership using music as a metaphor, he draws on his experience of creating several revolutions in the world of music to demonstrate how to disrupt, create, innovate AND take everyone with you.